Every Door Direct Dawah SM

As some of you know we are shifting to a door-to-door delivery via the United States Postal Service (USPS), instead of our own staff. The mailman goes door-to-door in an entire neighborhood and delivers our Quran translation as part of his Carrier Route (see below on what is a carrier route). This process has given us tremendous scalability and logistical simplicity to deliver not only Quran but any product like DVDs, CDs, other dawah books, specialized postcards with anything on Islam to any neighborhood in a very cost effective way. InshaAllah with this capability we will revolutionize the ability to get our message to our neighbors, hindered only by the resolve of each one of us to do the work of dawah. Check out our video below of a recent distribution in a neighborhood in Indiana. A carrier route for your neighborhood will range from about 100 to about 2500 homes. Please contact us if you are interested in delivering a copy to your neighborhood. This service includes everything from the copy of the Quran to packaging to shipping for only $3 per copy. So in your neighborhood of say 500 homes, for $1,500 every one of your neighbors will have a copy.

What a Carrier Route is?

Households served by an individual mail carrier within a five-digit zip code area. The carrier route is used to divide mailing into segments within a zip code. The number of households within a carrier route ranges from 100 to more than 2500. There are approximately 570,000 carrier routes in the U.S.