52 Hotels carry English Translation!

One of our main focus areas is putting the Quran in every hotel room. Alhamdulillah so far 52 hotels are carrying copies of our translation. Furqaan Project has been successful in placing the English translation of the Quran in over 50 hotels across the nation. While this is a major feat it is only a drop in the ocean. We will not be satisfied until all hotels carry the Quran. Unfortunately we are limited in regards to the hotels which we can cover in person.

You can help!


  1. If you are a hotel owner, we are asking you to allow us to place English translations of the Quran in all the rooms of your fine establishment as a free service. The Qur’an is a gift to humanity from Allah (SWT). Though, all of humanity is not aware of this gift or believes the gift is for Muslims only. By giving thousands of people the opportunity to read the words of Allah (SWT) you will be securing your spot in Jannah. Remember, we are not asking you to force others to read the Quran. We are merely requesting that they be given a chance to read the most beautiful words ever composed.
  2. If you know a hotel owner, we are asking you to talk to him/her about having the Quran placed in his/her hotel as a free read for all guests. Let them know it will not cost them a dime and they are not forcing anybody to read the English translation of the Quran. Do your best to encourage them to make dawah an integral part of their personal and business life. Remember with Allah there is enough reward to go around. There will be hasanat for you, us, and them.